Remember your teachers and professors placing you in groups for a projects? They would state an argument that they were formed to teach “teams skills needed for your career in the all fields.” There you were in a group with three to five different individuals, each holding an outline of the project and told the project would be graded based on the group, not on individuals.

“Emotional Intelligence Consciousness is the ability to proactively maintain a level of optimism, resiliency, and influence between your inner and outer world.” 

-Dr. Trudeau Poskas

If you are ready to have a blissful life - and who isn't - then it is time that you chose bliss. It really is a choice, and it really is that simple: choose bliss and then work to create it in your life. Here are eight steps to creating a more blissful experience:

A LEAP is a jump or spring a long way, to a great height, or with great force.
"I leaped across the threshold"

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