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Our space, whether it be in our offices, relaxation or home is very important. How we create our space should be as positive, deliberate and strategic as we communicate, practice mindfulness, expand our learning, and choose who we surround ourselves with. This summer,...

It seems that for many the last month was a heavy one in many ways. As we move forward into April, it is with the deepest intention that from this joy may shine in new ways bringing in a new transition for all. In Greek the word chara is a noun which describes a feeli...

In entrepreneurship and coaching, a recurring theme is the concept of prosperity.  In this article, Dr. Dee explores what this means and presents her 8 steps to creating a Prosperity Imprint.  What do you think about Prosperity?

What is a Growth Mindset? Those that have a growth mindset intrinsically strive to get better, learn more, develop new skills, and perform better than before. The translation to business equals resiliency, innovation, achievement and contribution connecting to the cul...

What is Adaptation-Driven Organization? With the advent of the Knowledge Age, the need has come to move from performance-driven, to that of adaptation-driven and emotionally intelligent cultures. As a coach working with organizations, entrepreurs and corporations, I h...

Small Giants 9-Box: A Tool for Unlocking Leadership Potential Small Giants: Companies the Choose to Be Great Instead of Big by Bo Burlingham outlines how companies are being successful through purposeful planning and actions. As a coach, I recommend it as an exception...

My company, Blue Egg Leadership designed and utilizes the SALC™ tool to help small giants and awarenerpeurs alike design and develop adaptive competencies. The SALC™ stands for Strategic Agility, Affect, Leader Efficacy and Consciousness. This month we are sharing Lead...

Dr. Dee shares leadership coaching insights about reframing your perspective in this blog Rewrite Your Life in her series The Prosperity Principles.

This last week I was immersed in several new fields of neurolanguage and principles of perception work. Each year as a coach I invest in my own expansion through trainings and I found that three were three separate fields I wanted to train in to expand my capacities ev...

As a Coach and Design Strategist, I specialize in working with bold entrepreneurs desiring to transform their businesses through NLP communication, productivity coaching, and thriving emotionally intelligent cultures.

My company, Blue Egg Leadership designed and utilize...

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