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We Coach Brilliant People Who Want to Change the World One Great Success at a Time



Our core values permeate all we do. These values inform our work each day. These values ensure we provide you with superb services and powerful resources so your experience of growing into your leadership space is unforgettable and supported.


  • Belonging to a Bigger Dream

  • Lifelong Learning

  • Unique Perspectives

  • Expression of Authentic Self

It is time to RETHINK the way we DESIGN our lives, businesses, and passion! Blue Egg Leadership can get you there!

Things We Do

It is time to RETHINK the way we DESIGN our lives, businesses, and passion!  Imagine a world filled with people who live with authenticity, embrace their passions and continually commit to happiness and contribution. This is a world where individuals are genuine, communicate from their heart, thrive on what is possible and embrace others with compassionate connection.  

Blue Egg Leadership coaches brilliant entrepreneurs to lead others with compassion, high performance and success.


Dynamic Group Coaching

Our group coaching transcends conventional boundaries, fostering a dynamic ecosystem of mutual inspiration, collaborative wisdom, and amplified progress. Through the fusion of personalized guidance and the power of community, we utilize neuroscience, neurolanguage and neuro-strategies tools to transform the collective wisdom and works of the group!


Business Masterminds

Embark on a transformative journey with our Collective Mastery Experience – where individual growth becomes a shared odyssey. Our masterminds bring brilliant entrepreneurs together to clarify their vision, master their map, and move through barriers.


Individual Coaching

Our individual coaching transcends the ordinary, delivering a bespoke experience where your aspirations become a personalized roadmap to excellence. Picture a coaching journey tailored exclusively to your unique rhythm, unlocking the full spectrum of your potential. With our seasoned guides, you'll navigate unexplored terrain, sculpting not just goals but a masterpiece of self-discovery and achievement. It's not just coaching; it's a symphony of tailored insights, breakthroughs, and unstoppable momentum. Elevate your journey. Elevate yourself.


Neuro NLP Training

Dive into a cutting-edge exploration where neuroscience meets linguistic programming, forging a transformative fusion of insight and influence. Our training is a cognitive adventure, unraveling the mysteries of the mind to enhance your communication prowess. Engage with neuro-inspired techniques, decode the language of success, and sculpt your neural pathways for peak performance. Unleash the power of Neuro NLP, where understanding the brain's intricacies becomes the key to unlocking your full potential in communication, persuasion, and personal mastery.


Use Psychometrics to Measure Change

Behavior change is measurable and we like to use EQ assessments, baseline tools, 180 degree feedback and 360 degree feedback assessments to bring construct to the soft skill transformation.


Create High Performing Teams

Our coaching transcends the ordinary, sculpting teams into dynamic powerhouses of collaboration and achievement. Picture an alchemical fusion of individual talents, strategic cohesion, and unwavering resilience. Through a bespoke coaching journey, we unravel the unique DNA of each team member, unlocking their full potential and harmonizing diverse strengths into a symphony of high performance.


Inventories For Personal Awareness

We are certified in the most influential and researched inventories that provide each entrepreneur with a powerful awareness of their strengths, personality preferences and Via Character Map.

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The BEL Team

Our team thrives on the shared commitment to your transformation, with each coach contributing their specialized knowledge, empathetic understanding, and strategic insights.


We believe that the collective energy of our coaching ensemble amplifies the impact of our interventions, fostering an environment where your goals are not just met but exceeded.

Dr. Dee is a thought leader with prominent success in creating brilliant, emotionally intelligent entrepreneurs and teams!   As an advocate for adventure, freedom, generosity and brilliance! Equipped with a diverse leadership profile and scientifically based academic repertoire, Dr. Dee is the passionate force to transform the lives of entrepreneurs. With freedom as the core premise for what she does, she has worked with entrepreneurs and leaders on unlocking their capacities to lead vibrant organizations.   Dr. Dee as co-founder of Blue Egg Leadership specializes in EQ, Brain Brilliance and Neurolanguage for more effective communication. In 2007, she became a certified ICF coach in order to more effectively lead in a large organization focusing on leadership capacity building. At that time she also started her entrepreneurial journey, loving the capacity for igniting passion in other leaders and entrepreneurs to expect more, become more, and expand more for those on their teams.   She has three graduate degrees in the study of human behavior, leadership, and unlocking subconscious barriers to our best entrepreneurial self of which she incorporated by leading in organizations for over twenty years as well as running her own consulting/coaching businesses. She is passionate about learning, understanding and applying the best tools for entrepreneurs to grow and expand their futures and teams.   CERTIFICATIONS ●  ICF PCC Coaching Certification ●  Myers Briggs© ●  360 degree assessment tools ●  EQ-360© ●  BarOn EQ-i © ●  Voices & FYI ●  Lominger Suite© ●  FIRO-B© ●  Prospector© ●  Benchmarks© ●  Dimensions© Master Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming ●  NFNLP ●  Via Character Inventory   EDUCATION ●  Ph.D. of Human Science and Leadership ●  MBA in Team Leadership ●  M.S.Ed. in Counseling Psychology ●  B.S.Ed. in Biological Science

Co-Founder | Leadership Coach | Transformative Coach | Forbes Coach | Speaker | Change Maker

Dr. Dee

Dr. Dee

With a passion for life-long learning, Poskas has spent his career sharing this with others in different environments such as team training in a corporate setting and adjunct instructing at private colleges. He has worked developing a variety of multimedia content, and has experience in photography, video, editing, voice acting, acting, web production and animation. Utilizing this experience, Poskas also leads teams in the creation of multimedia content with a keen eye on detail and quality standards. His goals are now to bring this experience to others so they can find the best means to promote their businesses and organizations. He does this using experiences gained from completing his Masters of Business Administration with an emphasis on Marketing which allows him to guide others in the development of their brand image as well as the establishment of their online presence with best use of social network platforms. Poskas has extensive experience in award winning multimedia projects that were regularly utilized by Fortune 500 companies around the world. He brings this same high level of quality and creativity to his clients’ projects and business needs. CERTIFICATIONS ●  Adobe Certified Associate: Photoshop ●  Adobe Certified Associate: Flash ●  CIW Site Development Foundations EDUCATION ●  MBA in Marketing ●  BFA in Studio Art: Sculpture with Minor in Film Production ●  Bachelor of Fine Arts

Co-Founder | Branding & Marketing Coach | Multimedia Specialist | Voice Actor



As a Transformative Coach, Jeana Hackel empowers executives and entrepreneurs to identify blindspots that rob them of joy, genius, and positive energy. In her coaching space, you will co-create freedom to look at what is happening currently in a safe, nonjudgmental atmosphere and then choose which areas of impact to focus on. Clients find that their zest for life grows as they recreate their lives around curiosity and adventure. Setting clear boundaries becomes second nature, fear of failure is diminished, and they experience deeper, more rewarding relationships with themselves and others. As a Vice President and Leadership Development Specialist, Jeana has had over a decade of experience developing high performing teams with ownership and resilient mindsets. She has been a participant in Blue Egg’s leadership development programs and thus brings the experience using the tools proficiently both as a Vice President and entrepreneur coach. CERTIFICATIONS ● Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming ● Basic Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming ● NFNLP Certification ● Neuroleadership & Emotional Intelligence ● Team Leadership Design ● ICF CCE Coaching Odyssey SPECIALTY AREAS ● Emotional Intelligence ● Transformational Team Leadership ● Neurolanguage ● Positive Psychology ● Time Mastery ● Master NLP Trainer ● Time Mastery EDUCATION ● Bachelor of Arts in Communications

Vice President of Hackel Construction | Leadership Development Specialist | Accountability Coach | Transformative Entrepreneur | Executive Coach



As a transformational life coach, Stephanie Reiger works with small business owners, leaders, and solopreneurs to build resilience to face life's challenges. As an entrepreneur herself she understands the desire for business growth and navigating alignment with meeting customers’ needs and creating a fulfilling partnership in business. As a coach she empowers leaders through a safe space to express themselves authentically and embrace their passion in life. CERTIFICATIONS ● Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming ● Basic Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming ● NFNLP Certification SPECIALTY AREAS ● Emotional Intelligence ● Neurolanguage ● Master NLP Trainer ● Time Mastery

Entrepreneur | Business Owner Agriculture Feed and Seed | Accountability Coach | Transformational Life Coach



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