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We Coach Brilliant People Who Want to Change the World One Great Success at a Time

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Strategizing BOLD leadership

Crafting high-performing compassionate teams by coaching brilliant entrepreneurs

through mindshifting programs.

Blue Egg Leadership: Strategizing BOLD Leadership
Blue Egg Leadership: Crafting high-performing compassionate teams by coaching brilliant entrepreneaurs through our programs

What Our Clients Say

Blue Egg Leadership: The How, The Who, The What

Life is the intentionality of choosing to evolve.

 - Blasky

One way to think about a longer term lens is to set the tone of an aspirational mindset and vibrant culture.
“How will I reinvent my direction of mastery?”
- Dr. Dee

Our Unique Approach

We utilize neurolanguage and neuroscience to break through limits for entrepreneurs and their teams.

The HOW:

The unconscious will allow us to have only what we believe we deserve.
- David Hawkins

Our coaches are entrepreneurs and NLP coaches drawing from experience how to access your potential, transcend your limitations and create game-changing results.


Your mindset is the most powerful asset, therefore, we focus on a mastermind approach to reach neuro changes that yield greater understanding of any barriers to an empowering culture.

EQ + Neuroscience + NeuroCommunication + Mindset = FREEDOM to DREAM

  • We coach the entrepreneur

  • The team leaders

  • The mindset of the culture


We Aim to Exceed Your Potential

We target the passion to ignite inner wisdom.

The WHO:

We Work with Entrepreneurs Who Face These Challenges

  • They often realize their team's potential is drained by mediocrity when it could be flowing in mastery

  • They recognize patterns of being in the same place with the same clients and issues over and over

  • They have five or more years of experience in their business

  • They are ambitious, mindset aware, growth focused, and collaborative

Brain Brilliance: We use customized coaching tools, leadership inventories, neuro-strategies, and neuro-linguistics to build inner strength and accelerate your unique brain brilliance.

Clarity: We help you focus, define, defy, and evolve with key mindset strategies. 


Team Distillation: We work with Entrepreneurs and their top team to more effectively transform and reinforce the foundation of their business.  We use self-determination theory coaching that teaches teams to self-manage, produce on purpose and evolve into the genius zone with collaboration. 


Amplified Connections: Connecting changes everything by turning individual challenges to team opportunities. Practicing perspective shifts together increases emotional intelligence and helps clarify the relative direction of each individual, the team, and the organization as a collective culture. 

Teleology: Placing purpose and drive at the forefront. We help you to create a cutting edge culture code that is purpose focused lending to transparency, accountability, engagement, and evolution for innovation.



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Stroke of Genius

Stroke of Genius


SynoVation Valley Leadership Academy

SynoVation Valley Leadership Academy

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