The SALC™ Tool: Part 3 of 5


As a Coach and Design Strategist, I specialize in working with bold entrepreneurs desiring to transform their businesses through NLP communication, productivity coaching, and thriving emotionally intelligent cultures.

My company, Blue Egg Leadership designed and utilizes the SALC™ tool to help small giants and awarenerpeurs alike design and develop adaptive competencies. The SALC™ stands for Strategic Agility, Affect, Leader Efficacy and Consciousness. The model is a great place for any business owner to consider and apply to their environment. Each competency of the model elicits different coaching strategies and aligns directly to empowering and developing employee emotional intelligence and design mindset. Over the next three months, we will share insights to each of the four major competency areas (SALC™) to assist in empowering your employees to develop in the necessary areas!

Implementing Affect

The “A” is SALC™ is Affect and requires a shifting of thought deliberation in your organization with the facilitation of emotional intelligence interpersonally and interdependently. Affect is one of the most import processes and requires bringing expertise of a coach to the space. Any culture can shift however starting with the tenets below that I share.

“If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their own experience, that alone would change the world.”

-Syd Banks

  1. BASELINE: Affect is about the experience of being our best interdependently. Using your SWOT, move to creating Your Affect Vision. One of the best ways to do this is have you and your work culture spend 2 hours in small groups of 3-4 to write down the answer to this question “If we came to work being the best culture, best support and most innovative team, what words would describe our ideal culture?” Once you have this, have a discussion on the major themes you are seeing. Also, challenge the language to ensure it pushes the culture to that level of uncomfortable excitement. Then, create a visual of the major themes. Commit to everyone reading their