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Programs to Shift Your Paradigm

Programs to Shift Your Paradigm

Ready to Shift Your Paradigm?

Do you ever feel like you would like to change your interactions? meet your goals? or find time mastery? Join us for our March Mixer and then our 6 Powerful Sessions of Personal Development that will shift your paradigm and give you new strategies and behaviors!

SynoVation Valley Leadership Courses!

SynoVation Valley Leadership March Mixer: Saturday, 3/24

It is here! The SynoVation Valley Leadership Academy’s (SVLA) March Mixer has come at the best time. And that time is now. There is no better way to head into spring 2018 than with the most alive insights and empowerment you can so you and the people with whom you touch, move and inspire are equally transformed.

Save This Date + Place: Saturday, March 24, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm at Central Community College, Ord Learning Center, 1514 K St, Ord, NE 68862

Why We’re Excited: We’re beyond excited that our own Dr. Dee, SVLA’s leadership coach, is available to the leaders (you) choosing to attend this powerful networking and personal development mixer. This is a rare opportunity to connect with Dr. Dee on a more personal level and gain insights into strategies that can improve your business and your life.

Why You’re Excited: This event is FREE but the spots are limited. RSVP right here by this Friday, March 18 by 5:00 pm to secure your spot. Plus you can bring a friend(!).

A Nice Perk: A brunch buffet will be provided. Wait, what? That’s right, free, delicious food for you and your friends. Be sure to reserve your spot!

SynoVation Valley Leadership Academy September 2018-March 2019

What to Expect: If you're interested in being a part of the Synovation Valley Leadership Academy now or in the future and wonder what we’re all about, this is the perfect opportunity to get a taste of what you'll experience. Not only will you get to meet Dr. Dee, but you’ll have a radical opportunity to network with current participants and alumni of Valley County's dynamic and impactful leadership program.

Good to Know: Learn more about the Synovation Vally Leadership Academy and then find out about Dr. Dee and then RSVP for the March Mixer.

Prepare to connect, network and learn the ignite strategy all while enjoying a delicious brunch on a lovely spring morning. What could be better for your business or life?

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