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Creating Joyful Spaces

Creating Joyful Spaces

Our space, whether it be in our offices, relaxation or home is very important. How we create our space should be as positive, deliberate and strategic as we communicate, practice mindfulness, expand our learning, and choose who we surround ourselves with. This summer, I really gave this some thought and after some research we instituted a most incredibly joyful, organized way for creating the space in our home and offices so that it created joy, positively and a system for keeping organization.

Since March we are focusing on Creating Joy, this is a perfect time to introduce this concept so that perhaps you too may want to consider it just in time for spring. It is a method that also speaks to sharing the commitment to each person in your space being a part of creating joy and taking part. All members in the space can do their part.

For a Downloadable Checklist, check out our website at, and click "Downloads".

Steps to creating Joyful Spaces in a whole new way using the KonMari Method:

  • Clothes

  • Books

  • Papers

  • Komono (Kitchen, then Bathroom, then Garage, and finally Misc. stuff)

  • Sentimental Items

You can then separate everything out from each category into sub-categories which will make the process even easier. For example the category “Clothes” could be sub-divided seasonally. Creating your own sub-categories makes it easier to visualize what you have, what you need, and what does or doesn’t bring you joy.

Tips for Using the KonMari Method of creating Joyful Spaces:

  1. Tidy one area all at once before moving onto the next area: Instead of cleaning one room a day, devote an entire day (or weekend) to tidying up. If you only tidy one room at a time over an extended period of time, it will wind up getting messy again in a matter of a few weeks or months.

  2. Visualize the destination: As with everything you have learned in my transformative and leadership coaching, being intentional in creating joyful spaces is important. Visualize how you want to see, use and feel that space before planning to organize it.

  3. Tidy by category, not location: What I loved about this process is that it is such an intuitive and structured system that immediately changes the way we see our space. Instead of categorizing and tidying by room, we instead follow the KOMONO process.

  4. Determine if the item “sparks joy”. Marie Kondo’s lessons show that in focusing on what does not make you happy, you’re only inviting unhappiness into your life. If you look around your home and dwell on those items you can’t stand, you’re just generating more negativity. Instead, teaches KonMari, you should focus on what you love. By highlighting the items that bring you joy, your energy creates more happiness in your life. Sounds pretty great, right?

  5. Tidy to adopt a freedom mindset: When you ask people why they focus solely on materialism or money, most people will say it is to so they can make their families happy, have the freedom to do what they choose, and to feel a sense of worth. All of these things are a mindset. If you choose to adopt a freedom mindset you are more apt to choose what aligns with you authentically.

So truly to be prosperous, we choose the freedom to intentionally map the lifestyle that gives us abundance in true sense of the meaning of prosperity.

To learn more, for a Downloadable Checklist, check out our website at, and click "Downloads".

Marie Kondo is an expert in the KonMari (Komon) Method. These two YouTube videos provide great resources for learning more about the process and how to fold using the method.

Marie Kondo shows how to fold using the KonMari Method:

An overview from a professional organizer using the KonMari Method:

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