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Creating a Joyful Mindset

Creating a Joyful Mindset

It seems that for many the last month was a heavy one in many ways. As we move forward into April, it is with the deepest intention that from this joy may shine in new ways bringing in a new transition for all. In Greek the word chara is a noun which describes a feeling of inner gladness, an inner calm, delight or rejoicing. Chara, or joy, is a powerful feeling.

Joy can be expressed in different ways and we can choose to focus on it to develop a mindset of chara. According to the Yale Scientific, when we are joyful we smile and the brain releases a neurotransmitter known as dopamine, which has the power to produce prolonged feelings of happiness. Joy relieves worry, adds resilience, improves mood and increases serotonin. When you laugh, it increases serotonin and endorphins in the brain, and simultaneously decreases stress hormones in the body.

Tips for creating a joyful mindset:

  1. Make it a practice to spend 20 minutes in gratitude, connecting to your highest intentions and breathing deep breaths of relaxation. Start with ten areas you are grateful for and why-visualize positivity, feel warmth, and hear yourself saying it out loud if necessary.

  2. Be here now. Focus on what is ideal and possible for the moment. Know that inner gladness is free and when we adopt that choice, our brain unhooks from the overwhelmed or reactionary status to be able to have more resources to deal with the moment.

  3. Connect with nature. Studies have found just how powerful it is for people to connect with nature. Whether it be from adding plants to your space, choosing to take a walk outside, spending time in the outdoors, or connecting with a certain favorite animal, nature produces joy and calm.

  4. Surround yourself with positive people. A joyful mindset is inspired when you make the choice to connect often with positive joyful people.

  5. Champion yourself and/or someone. To develop a joyful mindset, make it a point each day to find and share something we three or more people that you appreciate about someone you know, work with or see. This includes saying to yourself out loud what you really appreciate about yourself. Make it something meaningful and specific.

  6. Laugh. Put fun in your day in your activities, even if they might be uncomfortable or unclear. Learn to really adopt the mindset that “when I choose to be in a state of love and joy, it allows me to help other people and me to have unique richness”.

Creating a joyful mindset is a practice that can and will change the way you view and appreciate life. At first, it will be a deliberate choice, then over time it becomes a natural, powerful mindset.


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