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Creating a Breakthrough Experience

Creating a Breakthrough Experience

"When a man or woman, for whatever reason, has the opportunity to lead an extraordinary life, he or she has no right to keep it to him/herself.”

–Jacque-Yves Cousteau.

In my coaching practices I have had the privilege of working with some of the most incredible and talented people; the only problem was that most of them were the last to realize it. Beneath our fears, doubts, and barriers is a great extraordinary life simply waiting to be uncovered. Developing our personal leadership means finding those "break through experiences" to excavate our notable selves.

All positive and negative energies are creating simultaneously in the universe. Most of us know that negative energy depletes resources, creativity, and stamina while positive energy does the opposite, it increases all those. Essentially, we are an electromagnet wave pattern of energy. Yet, at times many of us walk through life using a negative lens in which to view ourselves and those around us. Although there is a comfort and acceptability in this; it is the true barrier to an authentic self.

A breakthrough experience is what you need. You have to acknowledge where you are at and awaken a new reality. It means realizing you are not your “story”. A story is all those things we have been told or tell ourselves daily that limit our true potential. We walk around saying “if only…” , “I would love to be happier, but…”, “I would love to do something differently, but…”. Whenever you hear yourself using these phrases you will know that you are under your own barrier. You are the author of your own life and your life is short…time to breakthrough your old stories, doubts, and barriers!

Here are some truths. You are worthy of being your best self. Your best self has much work to do for those around you. You are worthy, you are love, you are grateful and you are divinely resourceful. A breakthrough experience starts with a daily focus on those people and things around you that you are grateful for. Whether you say it out loud or write it in a journal, start and end each day with all you are grateful for. This changes your mindset immediately from negative to resourceful. Next, create and read daily, 3-4 mantras. To learn more about these, read Five Strategies for Facing Your Giant by Trudeau Poskas & Shelley. Second, practice listening. Listen to your inner critic and notice the pattern you keep telling yourself. Notice how it takes your energy. Next, breath deep and find your inner content (some call it our soul voice) voice and regain the sense of truth that you can choose how you to immediately accept your extraordinary life. Finally practice yourself each moment with respect and compassion. This will create a new resourcefulness that will allow you to have a breakthrough experience.

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