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Beyond Intention

Igniting Compassion in the World

This last week I was immersed in several new fields of neurolanguage and principles of perception work. Each year as a coach I invest in my own expansion through trainings and I found that three were three separate fields I wanted to train in to expand my capacities even more for my clients. I was deliberating where to start when I came upon McTaggart’s article Beyond the Intention Experiments.

McTaggart also wrote the Power of Eight (another recommended reading). As one of the authors in the field working around intention, she began studying the power of intention through various studies in 2005. In 2015, she created groups of eight that worked for seven consistent weeks, and monitored them for outcomes. This study utilized the concept of homothumadon and focused on the group as a whole, meditating on specific intentions. The word homothumadon means “with one mind, one accord, one passion”.

The groups resulted in unleashing healing energy, transforming their thoughts, and changes their lives because they meditated on what they desired to see individually as well as connecting that deliberate intention for each person in the group. The altruistic nature of the group it said the be the major transforming factor.

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McTaggart, L. (2017). The Power of Eight.


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