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Shift Your Team Paradigm

Coaching the Organization or Community
Design Your Culture or Team


In 2010, Dr. Alter unveiled research changing the way we see our organizational and community dynamics. Research reveals that organizations and even communities need to redesign the way they utilize their cultures, transform their focus and help develop skills in the team.

As organizations move forward, they need to have members who embody not one, but eight innovative skills. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. Multidisciplinary: Having the literacy and ability to understand across disciplines.

  2. Sense-making: The art of determining a deeper meaning of impact and significance.

  3. Emotional Intelligence: The ability to connect with others in a direct, synergistic way to created desired interactions.

  4. Design Mindset: The ability to represent tasks for desired outcomes.

  5. Cognitive Load Management: The skill to discern information and application.

  6. Cross-Cultural Competencies: The ability to operate and transmute in different cultural settings.

  7. Novel and Adaptive Thinking: The ability to come up with solutions beyond the base.

  8. Virtual Collaboration: The ability to work productively and drive engagement virtually.









We do this by creating a “being and doing” connection, empowering SALC strategies, creating purposeful actions, building sustainable coaching strategies and eliciting a commitment of intuition.

What is SALC and How it Transforms

SALC is an acronym for a tested and proven method for profound transformation. This four-part life intervention has a soul-shifting and organizational-changing effect.

  1. Strategic Agility: Becoming resilient, engaged, and motivating.

  2. Affect (Positive): Experiencing positive emotions, satisfaction, gratitude and flow, so our creativity increases.

  3. Leader Efficacy: Believing we make a difference, and our actions matter.

  4. Consciousness: Looking for the higher intention, meaning and possibilities.


In other words, we know how to help you to transform your team, group or culture. It is what we love to do. If you are a team member or leader who is truly ready to get courageous, curious and innovative, then you also realize it takes a wonderful investment of focus and time. Blue Egg Leadership only takes on clients with a deep desire and willingness to commit to a six- or eight-session program.



If you desire transformative behavior changes, it requires commitment—otherwise it is simply changing the top level as we call it, the “knowledge” level which means there is not an application, perspective change or behavior change.



We do offer 90 minute webinars and workshops on topic areas to get you started; if you want to “test the water,” so to speak! Once your organization joins a change process, we do utilize webinars between sessions in order to continually build momentum.

Topics include:

Creative power is in all of us if we simply learn how to connect to it, reflect through it, and inspire it within. We believe that we are Interdependent on each other. That at our truest most authentic self we desire transparent, empowering, trust filled, and synergistic places of home, work and community. Research illustrates how community and organizational cultures that create a living ecosystems, with personal transformation at its core build a path way to brilliant decision making, adventurous risk taking, and abundance of opportunities.

Community Cohorts:

We love working with communities!


Culture Transformations:



Women Leadership Program: (What do we call this?)

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Shift Your Team Paradigm

These innovative skills are adapted from two sources: Dr. Alter in the 2010 book The Polarization of Jobs and Scott E Page’s 2010 book The Difference Page, Power of Diversity of Thought in Groups.

Blue Egg Leadership can help you reinvent your culture, group or team using innovative processes such as our Team Phenomenon™ Model, AARs (action review) and/ or the SALC Tool™. We are passionate about evolving the culture in every organization and community by building a foundation of trust and rapport so together we can build productivity and synergy within individuals as they own their team connection.  

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