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Grow Your Business

Business Coaching for the
New Paradigm of Entrepreneurs

A business paradigm is shifting and a whole new level of entrepreneurs are taking businesses to a new level of possibilities. These entrepreneurs desire to know who they truly are and what they actually want out of business.


We already know you want what they want:
  • To create and meet large financial and growth goals.

  • To create ideal lifestyle transformation.

  • To lead their teams with synergy.

  • To be a point of pure optimism.

  • To forge ahead in their business knowing there are possibilities.



You are that business owner—you are interested in being an active participant in the that new paradigm. There are so many ways to engage with this work: as a coach, as an individual in a transition or as a new entrepreneur.


Being an Entrepreneur with the
Commitment to Possibility Means:
  • Being deeply rooted in the community in which you do business.

  • Having close, personal ties to customers and suppliers to facilitate business.

  • Creating an innovative culture emphasizing "care for people in the totality of their lives," and perpetuating a mutual understanding and appreciation of the responsibilities of owners and employees toward one another.

  • Desiring to lead people on your team who also have a burning passion for what the company does.

  • Wanting to operate sound business models that protect gross margins.


If those tenets resonate with how you’d like to run your business, you have arrived at the right place. Blue Egg Leadership understands that you—like most small giants— probably feel like you have a long way to go before you're understood, and your business philosophy is adopted more broadly. Dr. Dee specializes in moving your leadership forward so you can become a powerful and thriving small giant and most importantly an Awarepreneur!


We seek to empower the makers, the doers, the dreamers. Our mission is to help you succeed and thrive and to help you recognize and then eliminate barriers in your way. We do all of that powerful work by connecting you to an entrepreneurial ecosystem with tools embedded in personal growth, leadership, goal mastery and emotional intelligence.


Signs of a Powerful Entrepreneurial Ecosystem from Blue Egg Leadership
We specialize in the following areas
markers of empowered leadership:
  1. Change Model for time mastery, strategy, and transforming cultures.

  2. Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence in a thriving culture.

  3. Personal Preference Identification to build transparent communication and decision making.

  4. Strengths Based Leadership for distinct leadership attributes.

  5. Talent Acquisition-Learning Practices for attracting and hiring exceptional people.

  6. Leadership Styles Research for transformational, servant and authentic leadership style identification and capacity-building.


Coaching Small Giants Program Frameworks

Our model is accessible yet transformative and has been proven again and again to astound and significantly recreate companies, groups and individuals.

  • Design Meeting: We set up an authentic conversation about what is and isn’t working in your company and also where you would like to see it go. This is usually 60-120 minutes.

  • Program Framework: We build a program specifically for you and your team.

  • Active Tools: We utilize various tools customized for you and your team. (Three-month programs only focus on a single tool as it is a shorter time to do the work.)

    • Authentic SWOT

    • MBTI, FIRO-B, 360 Degree Leadership Questionnaire, BarOn EQ-i, or Leadership Architect

    • SALC Method for Culture Change

    • Team Phenomenon Model™

    • PLDP

    • SALC Strategy Tool™

    • VALUES Based Leadership Tool™

    • The Change Model™

    • Metaskills of Team


Blue Egg Leadership
Applied Coaching Packages:
We utilize best practices research to enable you to
excel as a Small Giant.
  • Small but Mighty :: 3-Month Package:

    • In-person group coaching: 1 full or 4½ day coaching with your team utilizing the SALC method for building higher cohesiveness, rapport and trust.

    • In-person or distance individual coaching: 1-2 (per month) 45-minute leadership coaching sessions.

    • Result: We focus on the highest priority areas, map a direction, and immediately work on your (and your culture’s) leadership capacity

  • Deep Divers :: 6-Month Package:

    • In-person group coaching: 4 full or 6½ day coaching workshops with your team utilizing the SALC method, Authentic SWOT, and other coaching strategies.

    • In-person or distance individual coaching: 2-3 (per month) 45-minute leadership coaching sessions.

    • Inventories: 2-3 inventories based on the vision you have for your business. You pay only for the inventory administration.

    • Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Language and Positive Psychology: This provide sustainable behavior and perspective change.

Join Dr. Dee in a
FREE 60-minute
authentic dream consultation
to realize your
business’ potential!
Grow Your Busness

No longer are powerful entrepreneurs willing to give up their goals in order to manage the routine roadblocks and nonstop personnel issues of their businesses. In 2006, author Burlingham gifted these entrepreneurs this book: Small Giants: Companies that Choose to Be Great Instead of Big. In 2015 a follow-up resources Awarepreneurs was given to leaders of successful companies. The mission of Awarepreneurs is to support conscious business owners in growing their businesses, well-being and impact.

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