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BLUE EGG Leadership

It is Time to RETHINK the way we DESIGN our lives, businesses, and passion!

Imagine a world filled with people who live with authenticity, embrace their passions and continually commit to happiness and contribution. This is a world where individuals are genuine, communicate from their heart, thrive on what is possible and embrace others with compassionate connection.  


Blue Egg Leadership desires and is creating, one individual, one entrepreneur and one community at a time.


Most people are spending their energy on thoughts, beliefs and actions that are inherently limiting and unfulfilling. They spend their time stuck in  negativity or loneliness. It is within the realm of possibility to transform that old way of living. . In the new way of living which Blue Egg offers, you can be  entirely connected to your spirit, creativity and talents.


You know you are capable of more than what you can do today. You deserve to have unlimited energy and happiness each and every day; to see the world for all its potential, possibilities and connections. You desire to not only turn over the leaf, you want to plant a whole new tree! You desire to finally break free from the norm, the negativity and the limitations to OWN your space in this world.


For entrepreneurs we can help ignite your desire to move to a new level of success or embrace a transition that allows you freedom to be with your family while your business shines. Perhaps you desire to create a paradigm shift in the culture from toxic and overwhelmed to synergistic, compassionate, innovative and productive. You desire to embrace authenticity with yourself, your business and  your clients.


We founded Blue Egg Leadership as a coaching approach that will help you discover  your deepest desires to transform this world into a place of authenticity, optimism and compassion. Then we help guide and nurture leaders interested in creating the ultimate lives for  themselves, their families and their communities.


Blue Egg’s Desires For You To:
  • Uncover Your Purpose

  • Belong to Your Best Dream

  • Live Life Fully

  • Express Your Authentic Self

Expect These Results While Working with Blue Egg:
  • Renewed sense of self-expression

  • Stronger esteem

  • Positive influence with others

  • Higher levels of personal leadership

  • New ways of creating positive environments

  • Accessible strategies for effective communication

  • Access to a new mindset for reaching goals

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Tools and strategies for achieving your DREAMS, transforming the culture which you work or lead

Our Leaders

Our Leaders

  • ATD Coaching Certification

  • Myers Briggs©

  • 360 degree assessment tools

  • EQ-360©

  • BarOn EQ-i ©

  • Voices & FYI

  • Lominger Suite©

  • FIRO-B©

  • Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming, NFNLP

  • Motivational Coach

  • Certification for Center for Creative Leadership:

    • Skillscope©

    • Prospector©

    • Benchmarks©

    • Dimensions©

  • Ph.D. of Human Science and Leadership

  • MBA in Human Resources

  • M.S.Ed. in Counseling Psychology

  • B.S.Ed. in Biological Science

  • Positive Psychology

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Small Giant Vibrancy

Her life is navigated by the fulfillment of the call to guide and lead amidst her need for relaxation and time to dream possibilities. Dr. Dee is a passionate explorer of learning and continually builds her leadership and personal development expertise. Drawing from CTI-certified coaches, attending ICF webinars, engaging with NLP practitioner trainings, participating in a coaching mastermind and learning from life’s mentors, Dr. Dee has dedicated her life to coaching people towards their own empowered life. She lives by her mantra which is:

“Incredible things and incredible people come to me every day in every way.”

Dr. Dee

The pinnacle of leadership coaching, from Dr. Dee’s perspective, requires so much more than a surface change—receiving and internalizing coaching for leadership manifests as a paradigm shift in a person’s core being. She is clear that leadership coaching is not management but instead a deeper, broader, singular kind of comprehensive transformation. This is known to her, because her path to leadership coaching came with such a shift.


During her second year of undergraduate degree work, she became very interested in understanding how individuals chose their passion, work and career direction. As part of her own journey--and with a great interest in leadership, achievement and fulfillment--this became a major focal point.

“I became curious and driven to understand

human nature and why some people succeed

while others do not, asking myself:

How can I be a catalyst for others’ success?”


This curiosity and motivation led Dr. Dee to two graduate degrees and numerous coaching certifications with a focus on transforming her life and the lives of the people around her. She balances her vocational ambition with a rich life devoted to spiritual fulfillment and surrounding herself with inspired people on a similar path of authenticity, compassion and vitality.

Perhaps this deep drive is so well complimented by Dr. Dee’s centering around nature’s design and the fluidity of mind, body and spirit. Mark Twain, who once wrote: “Life is short. Break the rules. Forgive quickly. Kiss slowly. Love truly. Laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that makes you smile.” This quote inspires her to embrace life to the fullest and to empower others to find their inner calling, build empowering communication skills, and develop their own success.


Those words have woven their way into the fabric of both Denise’s life and vocation. So, it makes perfect sense that Denise and her husband, Poskas, consider their ideal weekend as being surrounded by friends and family to plan and embark on adventures in life. “We truly enjoy our haven which is an acreage with horses, dogs, goats and cats.”

It is in that same spirit of companioning that Dr. Dee approaches leadership coaching. She guides and walks alongside clients to help reveal the depth of possibility already within them. Her biggest challenge? Getting people to understand just how important leadership is as a viable skill within their organization. “Leadership can influence the very thread of relationships, productivity, fulfillment and time mastery.”


Dr. Dee
  • CIW: Site Development Foundation

  • Adobe Certified Associate: Photoshop

  • Adobe Certified Associate: Flash

  • MBA in Marketing

  • B.F.A. in Studio Art

    • Concentration - Sculpture​

    • Minor - Film Production


Poskas' extensive experience in

award-winning multimedia projects were regularly utilized by Fortune 500 companies around the world. 


He brings this same high-level of quality and creativity to his clients’ projects and business needs.


The road that brings a person to meeting Poskas will be unforgettable because once you arrive the real momentum and excitement can begin. Poskas (he commonly goes by his last name) lives by the mantra:

“Be Driven! Be Unstoppable!

Never give up! Believe in yourself!”


With a personal drive as welcoming and powerful as that, there is no chance of escaping an interaction with Poskas that isn’t engaged and empowered.


Poskas is both creative and technical. As a seasoned Voice Actor and Actor he is comfortable in the recording studio front of the camera or in the recording studio taking on personas very different than his own—a skill that makes him approachable and interested…and interesting. As the technical lead for Blue Egg Leadership, Poskas plans, organizes and manages various facets of the business. He is committed to keeping up with the

ever-changing technology, techniques and marketing strategies so that the work he contributes is on point, powerful and effective.


Because he can work adeptly from both the right side and left side of the brain he gathers teachings and nurtures himself from an array of sources. He might take courses on Hubspot and seminars through Adobe or with Tony Robbins and then attend a weekend acting worship training with established industry leaders like Bill Cooper and Will Wallace. But it is the physical and spiritual fitness that centers his life: he bikes, jogs, stays curious and gets filled through involvement with his church community and a daily meditation practice.


Despite Poskas’ seemingly innate ability to reach and inspire people in so many industries, he is truly down-to-earth. If found with a sudden unplanned evening on his own, he would invest it caring for the many animals on his 13-acre farm, then find a movie and relax. And if he’s gathered with friends? “I love being surrounded by friends and family talking about and DOING adventures in life. Dee and I really enjoy our haven that is our home and spending Sundays growing in faith with our church family.”

Poskas plans ahead for future possibilities. His goals in life are simple: learn new things and stay curious. He keeps those goals ahead of him in all his journeys pushed by a quote by Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t: You’re right.” The below is just the beginning of the items on his bucket list but he is quick to note: “I never want to retire because I want to ALWAYS do what I love in life.”


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