8 Steps to Embrace Your Bliss
May 15, 2017

If you are ready to have a blissful life - and who isn't - then it is time that you chose bliss. It really is a choice, and it really is that simple: choose bliss and then work to create it in your life. Here are eight steps to creating a more blissful experience:

  1. Invite bliss into your life, and be willing to experience it.

  2. When you experience difficulties, remind yourself of the greater good and expect that the outcome will be positive.

  3. Remember that your view is only one part of the picture and try to see all the other possibilities.

  4. Imagine the ideal outcome for every situation and envision it working out that way.

  5. Expect miracles, and then work to make them happen.

  6. Don't allow negative self-talk to take place. Substitute positive affirmations instead.

  7. Keep reminders of bliss around you so that you can re-enter that state-of-mind anytime you need to.

  8. Make a "bliss" date for yourself on the calendar- whatever that looks like for you - and then keep the date.


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