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Five steps to Developing LEAPS
Three Strategies for Raising
Your Emotional Intelligence Consciousness
May 15, 2017

“Emotional Intelligence Consciousness is the ability to proactively maintain a level of optimism, resiliency, and influence between your inner and outer world.” 

-Dr. Trudeau Poskas

STRATEGY 1:  Leveraging with commitment pillars 
Create an environment of presence through this strategy. When you have leverage you begin with a conversation with your empowered leader/active follower:

  1. Pre-frame: What clarity and inspiration can I bring to this conversation?

  2. Create a list of outcomes you are turning over

  3. Create clarity around the items by sharing vision

  4. Ask others the steps they would take to accomplish this 5. Commitment level is established 

STRATEGY 2:  Become a Blue-Sky Thinker 
This strategy focuses on no complaints and no excuses.

  1. Chunk your time so that you will not use excuses

  2. Take responsibilities for your optimism

  3. Give up rushing…stand in your presence

STRATEGY 3:  Re-design your life 
Requires a new perspective, community with leaders, creating a movement

  • Reflect: What change you seek?

  • Connect: Request feedback with your mastermind

  • Explore: What 5 actions will make you uncomfortable!

  • Choose: Choose 2 actions to commit to

  • Repack: Decide what belief you will need to redesign

Adapted from: (Leider & Webber, Life Re-imagined)

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